Meals On Wheels

Wallsend Branch


Address: 11 Carbine Cl Maryland
Phone: 4951 2915
Hours: 7:00-2:00pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Currently servicing the following suburbs: Maryland, Fletcher, Wallsend, Elemore Vale, Edgeworth, West Wallsend, Barnsley, Estelville, Seahampton, Minmi, Cameron Park, Holmesville, Fairley and Killingworth.

Services Nearby

Boolaroo Branch
9.3 Km away
4958 2560
51 Main Rd Boolaroo

Mayfield Branch
8.2 Km away
4967 2777
154 Crebert St Mayfield

Hunter Multicultural Centre
8km away
Platt St Waratah

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