Meals On Wheels

What does Meals on Wheels do?

Newcastle Meals on Wheels provides a non means tested meal delivery service. Meals are nutritionally balanced design to cater for frail, aged people, people with a disability, and their carers.

Our service is designed to enable people to remain in their own home, where they often the most happiest. This reduces the risk of premature admission to aged care.

Meals on Wheels actively aims to educate, and reduce the risk of malnutrition in older people. Improving nutrition helps to reduce risk of falls, and other associated health risks linked to the aging.

Our volunteers provide social contact and regular “wellbeing” check-ins; this not only provides reassurance to clients and their loved ones but also aims to reduce social isolation, as well as monitor their physical and mental health.

Our meals are available in a wide variety of modifications; including those with Cultural and linguistically diverse needs, as well as texture and dietary requirements.

In addition to nutritional meals; Newcastle Meals on Wheels provide a range of Individual, Small Group and Centre based programs; focusing on the health and wellbeing of our clients, whilst building community and reducing social isolation.

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